Wedgwood Emergency Communications Hub

What is the Hub?

The Wedgwood Emergency Communications Hub is a place for the community to gather to offer or seek help after a disaster. In the case of an earthquake or other disaster, there will not be enough city resources to reach everyone who needs help. Households will need to rely on their own preparedness and on each another. The Hub would be a central location to exchange information and identify resources with help from radio communication with other hubs and the City of Seattle. 

Wedgwood is one of many all-volunteer neighborhood hubs located around the city through the Seattle Emergency Hub network

What is the Hub Not?

The Hub is NOT supplied with food, water, or other physical resources after a disaster.  It is a volunteer-run place to exchange information and facilitate neighbors helping each other solve problems. 

Households should individually be prepared with:

Where is our Hub?

The Wedgwood Hub is located at the Hunter Tree Farm lot on 35th Ave NE. Hubs assume that their approximate service area includes anyone within a 15-20 minute walk of the Hub.

Check the city-wide Hub Map to see if there is another Hub closer to your home or work.

Get Involved

Help us create a connected and resilient community with a reliable system for neighbors to help neighbors when we need it! Join the Hub email list and/or email to get involved.